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ISO/IEC GUIDE 21-1:2005
Regional or national adoption of International Standards and other International Deliverables - Part 1: Adoption of International Standards
ISO/IEC Guide 21-1:2005 provides methods for: determination of the degree of correspondence between regional or national standards and relevant International Standards; adoption of International Standards as regional or national standards; indication of technical deviations which would facilitate immediate recognition of any deviation; numbering of regional or national standards that are identical adoptions of International Standards; indication of the degree of correspondence between the regional or national standard and the International Standard.
ISO/IEC Guide 21-1:2005 does not contain any rules for the use of an International Standard in production, trade, legislation or similar activities. It also does not deal with: the adoption of regional or national standards as International Standards; adoption of regional or national standards as other regional or national standards; adoption of regional standards as national standards; or adoption in or of technical regulations.
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Technical committee

ISO/TMB Technical Management Board
Publication typeGUIDE
Publication date2005-05-12



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