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IEC 60502-4 Revised

IEC 60502-4:2010
Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1 kV (Um = 1,2 kV) up to 30 kV (Um = 36 kV) - Part 4: Test requirements on accessories for cables with rated voltages from 6 kV (Um = 7,2 kV) up to 30 kV (Um = 36 kV)
IEC 60502-4:2010 specifies the test requirements for type testing of accessories for power cables with rated voltages from 3,6/6 (7,2) kV up to 18/30 (36) kV, complying with IEC 60502-2. Accessories for special applications, such as aerial cables, submarine or ship cables or hazardous situations (explosive environments, fire-resistant cables or seismic conditions), are not included. It is not necessary to repeat these tests, once successfully completed, unless changes are made in the materials, design or manufacturing process which might affect the performance characteristics. Test methods are included in IEC 61442. Significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition are as follows:
a) the range of approval has been revised;
b) a water immersion test requirement for outdoor terminations has been introduced;
c) examination of accessories at the end of the test sequence is to be recorded in a test report for information only;
d) both the a.c. and d.c. test are to be carried out;
e) the heating cycle test has been added to Table 11.
A more recent version of this publication exists: IEC 60502-4:2023

Technical committee

TC 20 Electric cables
Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2010-12-15


Stability date2023
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