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IEC 63027

IEC 63027:2023
Photovoltaic power systems - DC arc detection and interruption
IEC 63027:2023 applies to equipment used for the detection and optionally the interruption of electric DC arcs in photovoltaic (PV) system circuits. The document covers test procedures for the detection of series arcs within PV circuits, and the response times of equipment employed to interrupt the arcs.
The document defines reference scenarios according to which the testing is conducted. This document covers equipment connected to systems not exceeding a maximum PV source circuit voltage of 1 500 V DC. This document provides requirements and testing procedures for arc-fault protection devices used in PV systems to reduce the risk of igniting an electrical fire.

Technical committee

TC 82 Solar photovoltaic energy systems
Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2023-05-03


Stability date2027
ISBN number9782832267431
File size5.54 MB
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