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IEC 60702-1

IEC 60702-1:2002
Mineral insulated cables and their terminations with a rated voltage not exceeding 750 V - Part 1: Cables
Applies to mineral insulated general wiring cables with copper or copper alloy sheath and copper conductors and with rated voltages of 500 V and 750 V. Provision is made for a corrosion-resistant extruded outer covering over the copper sheath, when required. This outer covering is not specified for the purpose of electrical insulation of the metal sheath. Requirements for terminations for use with these cables are specified in IEC 60702-2. The purpose of this standard is to specify mineral insulated cables that are safe and reliable when properly used, to state the manufacturing requirements and characteristics to achieve this, and to specify methods for checking conformity with those requirements.
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Technical committee

TC 20 Electric cables
Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2002-02-14


Stability date2025
ISBN number2831861810
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