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IEC 61851-25

IEC 61851-25:2020
Electric vehicle conductive charging system - Part 25: DC EV supply equipment where protection relies on electrical separation
IEC 61851-25:2020 applies to the DC EV supply equipment for charging electric road vehicles with a rated supply voltage of up to 480 V AC or up to 600 V DC, with rated output voltage not exceeding 120 V DC and output currents not exceeding 100 A DC.
This document provides the requirements for the DC EV supply equipment where the secondary circuit is protected from the primary circuit by electrical separation.
Requirements for bi-directional power flow are not covered in this document.
This document also provides the requirements for the control and the communication between DC EV supply equipment and an EV.
This document also applies to DC EV supply equipment supplied from on-site storage systems.
The aspects covered in this document include:
• characteristics and operating conditions of the DC EV supply equipment;
• specification of the connection between the DC EV supply equipment and the EV;
• requirements for electrical safety for the DC EV supply equipment.
Additional requirements can apply to equipment designed for specific environments or conditions, for example:
• DC EV supply equipment located in hazardous areas where flammable gas or vapour and/or combustible materials, fuels or other combustible, or explosive materials are present;
• DC EV supply equipment designed to be installed at an altitude of more than 2 000 m;
• DC EV supply equipment intended to be used on-board ships.
Requirements for electrical devices and components used in DC EV supply equipment are not included in this document and are covered by their specific product standards.
This document does not apply to:
• safety aspects related to maintenance;
• charging of trolley buses, rail vehicles, industrial trucks and vehicles designed primarily for use off-road;
• equipment on the EV;
• EMC requirements for equipment on the EV while connected, which are covered in IEC 61851-21-1;
• charging the RESS off-board the EV.

Technical committee

TC 69 Electrical power/energy transfer systems for electrically propelled road vehicles and industrial trucks


Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2020-12-04


Stability date2025
ISBN number9782832291221
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