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IEC Technical Report 61000-4-40

IEC TR 61000-4-40:2020
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 4-40: Testing and measurement techniques - Digital methods for the measurement of power quantities of modulated or distorted signals
IEC TR 61000-4-40:2020 which is a Technical Report, deals with the assessment of electrical power quantities (RMS voltage, RMS current and active power). It explains and compares two digital algorithms suitable for power quantity measurements in fluctuating or non-periodic loads. The examples are from 50 Hz or 60 Hz power systems. This document does not attempt to cover all possible digital implementations of the algorithms used for power quantity assessment in fluctuating loads, for example in the context of the EMC assessment described in several IEC documents. Rather, it compares averaging with one of the filtering algorithms. This document aims to highlight some examples of applications that illustrate how the presented algorithms work. Further, guidance is given for quantifying the accuracy of each approach.

Technical committee

TC 77/SC 77A EMC - Low frequency phenomena


EMC - Basic EMC


Electromagnetic compatibility - EMC - Smart city
Publication typeTechnical Report
Publication date2020-03-11


Stability date2026
ISBN number9782832279076
File size2.74 MB
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