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IEC 60870-6-702

IEC 60870-6-702:2014
Telecontrol equipment and systems - Part 6-702: Telecontrol protocols compatible with ISO standards and ITU-T recommendations - Functional profile for providing the TASE.2 application service in end systems
IEC 60870-6-702:2014 is a functional profile (FP) and defines the provision of the TASE.2 communications services between two control centre end systems. It is supported by the transport services implemented in accordance with transport-profiles defined for the type of network that interconnects the control centre end systems. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are listed below:
- certain objects were moved from being normative to informative;
- certain TASE.2 conformance blocks have been made out-of-scope. These changes were made in order to remove TASE.2 blocks that were seldom used and whose capabilities are typically implemented by some other means besides TASE.2. This was done to promote interoperability of implementations from an application perspective.

Technical committee

TC 57 Power systems management and associated information exchange
Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2014-07-15


Stability date2024
ISBN number9782832216538
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