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IEC 61331-3

IEC 61331-3:2014
Protective devices against diagnostic medical X-radiation - Part 3: Protective clothing, eyewear and protective patient shields
IEC 61331-3:2014 applies to protective devices such as protective clothing and eyewear for the protection of persons against X radiation up to 150 kV, during radiological examinations and interventional procedures. This standard deals with general requirements on the accompanying documents, on design and on materials used and with sizing, particular design features, minimum attenuation properties of materials, marking and standardized forms of statements of compliance with this standard. It covers protective clothing mainly for the protection of the operator, such as:
- protective aprons;
- thyroid collars;
- protective gloves;
- protective mittens; and
- protective eyewear. It also covers protective devices for the protection of the patient, such as:
- protective gonad aprons;
- scrotum shields;
- ovary shields;
- shadow shields; and
- protective aprons for dental use. The latter group of protective devices is intended to be used during radiological examinations to minimize the effects of irradiation on the reproductive organs particularly with regard to genetic damage. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition of IEC 61331-3, published in 1998. It constitutes a technical revision. This second edition has been adapted to apply to the present technology. It includes a requirement to use a better method for the determination of attenuation properties over a broader and more clinically relevant range of radiation qualities appropriate to the use of the devices. It also covers three additional protective devices, thyroid collars, protective eyewear and protective aprons for dental use.

Technical committee

TC 62/SC 62B Medical imaging equipment, software, and systems
Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2014-05-07


Stability date2025
ISBN number9782832215647
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