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IEC 62106-1

IEC 62106-1:2018
Radio data system (RDS) - VHF/FM sound broadcasting in the frequency range from 64,0 MHz to 108,0 MHz - Part 1: Modulation characteristics and baseband coding
IEC 62106-1:2018 defines the basic layer of the Radio Data System (RDS) intended for application to VHF/FM sound broadcasts in the range 64,0 MHz to 108,0 MHz, which can carry either stereophonic (pilot-tone system) or monophonic programmes (as stated in ITU‑R Recommendation BS.450-3 and ITU-R Recommendation BS.643-3).
IEC 62106-1:2018 together with IEC 62106-2, IEC 62106-3, IEC 62106-4, IEC 62106-5 and IEC 62106-6, cancels and replaces IEC 62106:2015, and constitutes a technical revision.
This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to IEC 62106:2015:
• Provision has been made to carry RDS on multiple data-streams (RDS2).

Technical committee

TC 100/TA 1 Terminals for audio, video and data services and content
Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2018-10-10


Stability date2025
ISBN number9782832260661
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