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IEC 61987-10

IEC 61987-10:2009
Industrial-process measurement and control - Data structures and elements in process equipment catalogues - Part 10: List of Properties (LOPs) for Industrial-Process Measurement and Control for Electronic Data Exchange - Fundamentals
IEC 61987-10:2009 provides a method of standardizing the descriptions of process control devices, instrumentation and auxiliary equipment as well as their operating environments and operating requirements (for example, measuring point specification data). The aims of this standard are:
- to define a common language for customers and suppliers through the publication of Lists of Properties (LOPs),
- to optimize workflows between customers and suppliers as well as in processes such as engineering, development and purchasing within their own organizations,
- to reduce transaction costs.
The standard describes industrial-process device types and devices using structured lists of properties and makes the associated properties available in a component data dictionary. This bilingual version, published in 2010-11, corresponds to the English version. The French version of this standard has not been voted upon.

This publication is to be read in conjunction with IEC 61987-1:2006.

Technical committee

TC 65/SC 65E Devices and integration in enterprise systems
Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2009-07-23



Stability date2025
ISBN number9782889122738
File size2.22 MB

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