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ISO/IEC 28360-1 Revised

ISO/IEC 28360-1:2018
Information technology - Office equipment - Determination of chemical emission rates from electronic equipment - Part 1: Using-consumables
This document (all parts) specifies methods to determine chemical emission rates of analyte from ICT & CE equipment during intended operation in an Emission Test Chamber (ETC).
This document (all parts) includes specific methods for equipment using consumables, such as printers, and equipment not using consumables, such as monitors and PC's.
Part 1 specifies the methods to determine chemical emission rates of analyte from electronic equipment using consumables.
The methods comprise preparation, sampling (or monitoring) in a controlled ETC, storage and analysis, calculation and reporting of emission rates.
Emission rates from EUT may also be determined according to additional requirements identified by "RAL‑UZ 205 Option".
Annex A specifies monochrome and colour print patterns for use in the operating phase of EUT using consumables.
The operational readiness of AMS is confirmed according to Annex B.
Calculations use the generalised model and approximations thereof as developed in Annex C.
The emission rates determined with this method may be used to compare equipment in the same class.
Predictions of "real indoor" concentrations from the determined emission rates are outside the scope of this document.
A more recent version of this publication exists: ISO/IEC 28360-1:2021

Technical committee

ISO/IEC JTC 1 Information technology
Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2018-09-03


Stability date2021
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