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IEC 63203-402-3

IEC 63203-402-3:2024
Wearable electronic devices and technologies - Part 402-3: Performance measurement of fitness wearables - Test methods for the determination of the accuracy of heart rate
IEC 63203-402-3:2024 specifies terms, a measurement protocol, and a test to evaluate the accuracy of wearables that measure heart rate with a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor. While this document can be used to measure a variety of different devices claiming to report heart rate, care will be taken when testing in countries that differentiate between heart rate and pulse rate. This measurement protocol is not intended to evaluate medical devices associated with the IEC 60601 series or ISO 80601 series.

Technical committee

TC 124 Wearable electronic devices and technologies
Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2024-01-09


Stability date2028
ISBN number9782832279625
File size872.83 KB
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