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IEC 62561-6 Redline version

IEC 62561-6:2023 RLV
Lightning protection system components (LPSC) - Part 6: Requirements for lightning strike counters (LSCs)
IEC 62561-6:2023 RLV contains both the official IEC International Standard and its Redline version. The Redline version is available in English only and provides you with a quick and easy way to compare all the changes between the official IEC Standard and its previous edition.

IEC 62561-6:2023 specifies the requirements and tests for devices intended to count the number of lightning strikes based on the current flowing in a conductor. This conductor can be part of a lightning protection system (LPS) or connected to an SPD installation or other conductors, which are not intended to conduct a significant portion of lightning currents. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2018. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) a new classification according to the internal circuit of LSCs has been added;
b) the tests flowchart in Annex C has been updated to reflect this new classification;
c) the applicability of previous tests has been added (Annex D).

Technical committee

TC 81 Lightning protection


Publication typeInternational Standard
Publication date2023-05-15



Stability date2029
ISBN number9782832270325
File size1.36 MB
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