1. About IEC publications

How does your numbering system work?

An IEC reference number for a publication is composed of a header plus three elements: 1) the publication number, 2) the part number and 3) the section number.

As from 1997 all new IEC publications and parts, as well as new editions, revisions and amendments are being issued with a designation in the 60000 series, however this does not affect the content. It is now necessary to add 60000 to the existing base number.

Example: IEC 529 is now referenced as IEC 60529.

The 80000 series is allocated to multipart standards jointly developed by IEC and ISO in some exceptional cases, in which some parts are published by ISO and others by IEC. The use of the ISO/IEC prefix is strictly limited to ISO/IEC JTC1 publications as well as some ISO/IEC guides.

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